Commercial Banking

Banks currently focus on SME and large commercial companies, ignoring the mid market segment. How can they better service those in the middle?


How do businesses thrive in the emerging eSports industry?

Young Chileans

Who is the Chilean millennial? Given the obscene amount of misinformation and stereotypes about this group we wanted to either disprove or validate them in a Chilean context.


We’re working with consumers, retailers and suppliers across Norway to imagine more sustainable retail.

Silver Society

How could we provide financial services that are better, more meaningful and more valuable for senior citizens?


Automotive aftersales instils fear. Fear of the MOT result, of the next breakdown or big bill...we heard stories from real customers and discovered it’s an emotive topic. So we created 4 big ideas to solve this problem.

Small Business Banking

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy and are largely unsatisfied with their banks. So we decided to chat with them, to understand their biggest pain points and to build concepts that will solve for them.